When Downsizing Your Home Could Be an Upgrade to Your Life

September 3, 2013 Posted by Hulya Aksu - No Comments

My husband and I purchased an investment property in Old Town, Alexandria a few years ago. The majestic, multi-unit apartment dates back to the 1780’s and shows its age through an elegant and rustic beauty. Originally a wealthy home during the age of America’s founding fathers, the building was turned into military housing after World War II, when a housing shortage plagued the United States. To be exact, our apartment on Cameron Street is reported to be the first single-family home that was turned into a multi-unit apartment in the entire country. It’s also said that President Truman and Secretary of State Marshall both stayed there.

In addition to providing extra monthly income for us, our investment property is valuable in its own right because of its storied historical significance. This makes the minor touch-ups the building needs from time to time much more of a fun and accepted part of the process rather than a burden we might otherwise take on begrudgingly. Read More