5 Traits in the Ideal Startup Employee

October 20, 2013 Posted by Hulya Aksu - No Comments

You’ve got your business going, and it’s time to build your team. What now? Below is a list of five traits you’ll want to look for in your potential candidates:

1. Experts who are more prepared than you. In a technology-driven environment, each person on your team needs to bring expertise in one area of specialization. This individual needs to be better, quicker, and more informed than you or anyone else on your team about how to navigate their particular area of focus. The candidate also needs to be meticulous. Look for someone who dots their i’s and crosses their t’s fanatically.

This expert should be able to educate you and the rest of your team about their skill set, which means they’ll also need to be a successful communicator (more on that in point five, below). When it comes to implementation, this person is going to be your go-to, but their access to knowledge is only as valuable as their ability to relay that knowledge successfully.

Don’t let an unskilled driver behind the wheel. A successful field expert is not only knowledgeable about the ins and outs of a product, service, or skill, they’re also prepared for failure, big changes, and a variety of cause and effect reactions. Look for the individual who artfully balances planning for chaos with a desire to move ahead.